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Warning: You are currently inside the archive, do not expect all these website's to work properly

Welcome at !!!

bekijk deze pagina in het nederlands.

Below you find an overview of all website’s within (by subdomein) with the necessary information, we recommend you to read this information first.

Here you find this overview page with all components of

The forum of the rpgfamilie, we ask non-members that they don't post here. [dutch]

Bert's blog, here you can find out lots of things about Bert Van de Poel and his work on [coming soon in english]

The spamforum, here you can go totally off-topic and talk about almost everything. [dutch]

The classwebsite of 2LB, this website is only accessible for regsitered and accepted users. That means only people who are related to 2LB have acces. [dutch]

Development section of, soon you will find all information about my projects and creations on this website.

The testspace of, if you don't have an explecit link to this website, don't go there then for your computer's safety !!!